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Parcel IDGroup/NamePoster Title
2Deanya ZenfoldBeing there: Establishing a writing center for residents of Second Life
3Perplexity PeccableThe Seven Deadly Sins, Then and Now: Bridging Campus Communities Through Collaboration, Competition, Conversation, Contemplation, Celebration, Creation, & Comedy
4Lisa TebaldiSerious game in Second life
5Pamala CliftComputer Mediated Group facilitation in Voice
6Pathfinder LesterHypergrid Adventurers Club
7Zana KohimeDistance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) Memorial University
8Iffaf LingThe Gateway in the University of Essex
9Jass EastermanVirtual Worls in Australia and New Zealand
10Phelan CorrimalRockcliffe University Consortium
12Kaylee westInternational Classroom Collaboration: Practical Approaches for Teaching and Learning in Second Life
13Serena OffcoursePioneers
16Abacus Capalini, Rurik Bellingshausen, Phelan Corrimal and Kavon ZenovkaWorld of Teachcraft: The Learning Quest
17Que Jinn, Aubrey Ghostar, Abacus Capalini, Brandon QuixohtliFront Range - Talk Like a Pirate Day!
20Elphaba HelendalePaper to Pixels: College Writing Students Adapt their Research Papers in Second Life
21Stephen xootflyLearning Chemistry by Manipulating Element Objects
22Kavon Zenovka, Rurik Bellingshausen, MissAnnie DucatillionUnSymposium
23Kavon Zenovka, Chris Luchs, Rurik BellingshausenCenter4EduPunx
24Phelan CorrimalJournal of Virtual Studies
25Abacus CapaliniCCC Recruiting
26Bioscion Appletor, JennyKim ZhongVirtual learning objects for teaching biology
27Cyber Simsider, JILIAN MagicDemonstrating the Virtual World Career Center Circle of Value
28Makoki HallisonTeaching spaces for the practice of architectural projects
29Wagner StreuselUpdate: U.S. College Music Courses on the Internet
30Kate MirandaLessons from "Virtual Concerts in the Park"
32Cowlean MinotaurThe Pharmatopia Skypod Laboratories: Poster Submission
33Vanish FirecasterBuilding in OpenSim
34Aevalle GaliciaVirtual Tourism as an Online Learning Community Building Tool: Preliminary Findings
35AgileBill FirehawkAndragons are "Learning Shapes" - The classroom doesn't hold the lesson, it *is* the lesson
36Emilia cornwallSenior Project® at P4DL, Inc.
37Mlani MontgomeryWeb 2.0 Tools to Support Teaching and Learning In Immersive Environments
38Rashid SinghSee One, Do One, Teach One: How Future Occupational Therapists Have Engaged in Virtual Worlds as Self-Directed Learners
39MissAnnie Ducatillon, Kool Oberlander EdTech Island & BSU GSA
40MissAnnie Ducatillon, Kavon ZenovkaVirtual Worlds Teaching and Learning Cookbook
41AJ BrooksVWER Roundtable
44Cooper MacBethMathematical simulation
45MissAnnie DucatillonVirtual Worlds for Virtual Training: Surviving a Zombie Outbreak
46Mel KrupinskiRockcliffe University Library
47DJ EarnshawTools for teachers
48Caladonia heronNASA eEducation in Second Life
49Edric emorLabLife3D - A New Concept for Biotechnology and Chemistry Education at Aalto University
50Mandie MimulusJamestown 1607 at VSTE Island
51Lesley Scopes (SL: Light Sequent)Fragility of Spaces: Architectural and Design based Education and Practice
52Deb QuintessaSkill based learning