Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title Collaborative Learning and Teaching English Technical Writings Using Second Life (Work In Progress)
Author(s): Dora Wong
Date Friday, March 18 19:00
Location: North 2
Abstract This paper follows a research in 2010 on peer review in the Second Life environment for university students in Hong Kong taking an English technical writing course.  In 2011, further peer review will be conducted in the virtual exhibition hall for artefacts of technical writing with the participation of three seminar groups and two instructors.The foci of the research are: (1). effect of peer interaction on the quality of ESL writings (2). role of teacher(s) in the SL environment (3). user feedback on SL environment for peer interaction.Focus group interviews with students and teachers and observation of classroom teaching will be condcuted. Findings of the study should be ready in March/April.  
Bio(s): Dora Wong: Language Instructor, Department of English

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