Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title “It was like I wasn’t even really there”: A feminist analysis of women college students in Second Life
Author(s): Aimee deNoyelles
Moderator(s):Elektra Panthar
Date Saturday, March 19 15:00
Location: North 2
Abstract The purpose of this session is to explore how women college students negotiate in virtual worlds. In my research study, I use feminist methods to identify how women in an undergraduate communications class understand the psychological and contextual factors which influence their establishment of identity and interaction in a Second Life learning community. Preliminary findings suggest that issues of avatar choice and control, time and responsibility, and technical competence emerge as influential factors. This session will provide insight into the instructional design of Second Life learning experiences in order to support equal access and participation for all learners.
Bio(s): Aimee deNoyelles: Instructional Design and Technology, Doctoral Candidate

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