Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title Challenge Based Learning in Virtual Worlds: Integrating Quest Atlantis as a Real World Problem-Solving Engaging Environment.
Author(s): Jesus De Leon; Roxanne De Leon
Moderator(s):Ferris Arabello
Date Thursday, March 17 17:00
Location: East 3/4 Teen Fair
Abstract Imagine combining the elements within such a successful model as Challenge Based Learning with the engaging qualities of a virtual world environment such as Quest Atlantis. On the summer of 2010, the Seminole County Public School System in Florida offered a pilot program with that exact goal in mind. Join us as we share our experiences provided by this engaging and powerful 21st Century learning opportunity. 
Bio(s): Jesus De Leon: Elementary school educator with over twenty years of experience.
Roxanne De Leon: Challenge Based Research Mentor at Full Sail University and educator for over a decade.

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