Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title Frame of Reference of Digital Citizens
Author(s): Patricia Murphy
Date Thursday, March 17 19:00
Location: North 2
Abstract When a person enters a new enviroment there is multiple viewpoints that are expressed on the validity of the pixels. This is a presentation of Disassociative, Immersive, & Augmentative.This hypothosis is currently under research by a sociology professor from Florida Gulf Coast University.
Bio(s): Patricia Murphy:
SL: Pamala Clift

Pamala Clift is the Roadside Philosopher for the last four years within Second Life. A professor of Rockcliffe University & teaches the acclaimed State of Being lecture and Group Facilitation in Voice with Computer Mediated Communication classes.She does research & lectures with multiple universities. Creative with machinimas, builds and the psychology of virtual worlds, which includes decoding virtual relationships. Presentor at both 2009-2010 SLCC

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