Track: Games and Simulations

Title More Than Just a Game. Training Real-World Emergency Professionals Online In Second Life – A Prototype.
Author(s): Amrei Groß; Jessica Hoffmann; Klaus Bredl
Moderator(s):Ferris Arabello
Date Saturday, March 19 05:00
Location: East 1/2 Machinima
Abstract Real-world disaster training is extremely time-consuming, expensive and difficult to organize. Because of this, real disaster training exercises are rare and there is a great need for efficient and affordable solutions to make training available at the point of need. In a project by the Institute of Media and Educational Technology at the University of Augsburg, a prototype for an online training scenario was created in Second Life, simulating a cargo plane crash over a suburban area. Within this disaster site, the individual player has to perform a triage with various injured persons and manage multiple spreading fires.
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