Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title The Four Factors that Create Engagement in Virtual Learning Environments
Author(s): David Gardner
Moderator(s):Cahona Baxton
Date Friday, March 18 06:00
Location: North 1
Abstract Virtual educators know how difficult it is to maintain control over learners’ attention. Without the interpersonal cues and interactions we share when communicating face-to-face, the learning experience can feel unnatural and disengaging, extracting a heavy toll on knowledge transfer. But why do virtual programs often seem less conducive to learning than ILT? The missing element is engagement. This session will examine: 1.    the crucial nature of engagement to successful learning environments; 2.    the four factors for creating engagement; 3.    the ability of various online modalities to engage; 4.    how immersive web-3D can help simply and cost-effectively replicate the in-person experience.
Bio(s): David Gardner:

David Gardner is a serial entrepreneur, technology investor and futurist with a proven track record of early identification of paradigm-shifting technologies. He is a trusted advisor concerning new technology trends who believes Web-3D is on the verge of dramatically transforming many web-based business models as we know them today. Experienced in taking IT products and Internet-service model companies to market, Gardner has founded seven technology companies—including PeopleClick, the first hosted software-as-a-service enterprise application; and healthcare communications technology exchange ProviderLink, now owned by Compuware—without a single failure or loss of investor funds. He has served on several boards, spoken at multiple industry conferences, and published over twenty forward-thinking papers and articles on technical, business and managerial topics. In 2007, Gardner founded VenueGen (, a company dedicated to creating a new standard of in-browser web-conference platform for more engaging, productive and efficient online training, meetings and events. He currently serves as CEO.

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