Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title Digitally Preserving Spiritual & Cultural Heritage with Traditional Artists in Second Life
Author(s): Tonietta Walters; Jennifer Saxton
Date Friday, March 18 17:00
Location: East 1/2 Machinima
Abstract Virtual world technology, as a participatory toolthat engages users, allows for an immersive experience and the virtual world ofSecond Life has emerged as a preferred tool for providing hands-on experientiallearning. Moreover, the nature of preserving conceivably marginalized culturalinformation is predicated by attention to various aesthetic underpinnings of thesemilieus when designing associated virtual environments and the objects within them. This paper reports on projects that adopt a straightforward participatorymodel where traditional artists or object-makers within these cultures provide artisticmaterial and collaboratively inform the design process and thus augment epistemicaims of digitization.
Bio(s): Tonietta Walters: Philosophy Instructor, MDC Virtual College
Jennifer Saxton:

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