Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title The Impact of Second Life (SL) on English Language Learners’ Motivation, Engagement and Virtual Identities
Author(s): Julian Chen
Date Friday, March 18 14:00
Location: North 1
Abstract This virtual course was conducted in SL to provide adult learners with opportunities to practice English in various simulated real-life tasks. The pre-and-post course surveys, students’ learning journals, teachers’ observation notes and focus group interview revealed that students found SL beneficial to interact with other avatars in English via text/voice chat. The unique features afforded by SL (e.g., immersion, telepresence, changing appearances) also boosted their motivation, enhanced their engagement and fostered their virtual identities. In-world activities (e.g., museum field trip, role-play in Holodecks, building posters for presentations) will be showcased to participants attending this session. Lessons drawn from this study will also be discussed. Relevant websites: Researcher blog: Interactive whiteboard:
Bio(s): Julian Chen: Julian ChenDoctoral CandidateSecond Language Education & Culture ProgramDepartment of Curriculum & Instruction

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