Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title Designing for Navigation and Wayfinding in 3D Virtual Learning Spaces
Author(s): Shailey Minocha; Christopher Hardy
Date Saturday, March 19 05:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract The ease of navigation and wayfinding in 3D learning spaces can impact on student’s learning experiences and their ability to conduct activities. In this paper, we will report how we derived design guidelines for navigation and wayfinding in 3D learning spaces to aid designers and educators. Our research involved empirical investigations (user observations and interviews) involving students, educators, designers and literature review relating to web usability, game usability and navigation mechanisms in real-world environments. In our presentation, we will discuss a subset of the design guidelines and present best practice examples for navigational aids such as maps, signs, and teleportation.
Bio(s): Shailey Minocha: Dr. Shailey Minocha is a Reader (Assistant Professor) in Computing in the Department of Computing at The Open University, UK. The focus of her research is understanding users' interactions with technology and investigating the factors that affect usability, user experience and user adoption of technology‐enabled systems. Her recent research projects have involved investigating the role of social software and 3D virtual worlds in virtual team working, socialisation, collaborative learning and community building. Shailey’s website has details of her activities and publications
Christopher Hardy:

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