Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title Conne River Project Results: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
Author(s): Marlene Brooks
Moderator(s):Xilin Yifu
Date Saturday, March 19 14:00
Location: East 1/2 Machinima
Abstract Collection of quantitative and qualitative data is important to move from perceived 'best practices' toward 'an understanding of actual best practice' when creating educational content using new technologies. In 2008, Memorial University’s Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) partnered with the Miawpukek First Nation community to create project outcomes that would preserve the Conne River history, culture and language. The components for this project include a website, virtual world island in Second Life and machinima/video. The project was completed March 31, 2010 and quantitative and qualitative data collected over the past year.This presentation focuses on participant feedback post-development.  Attendees are encouraged to visit prior to the presentation.
Bio(s): Marlene Brooks: Marlene Brooks is an Adult Educator, Senior Instructional Designer, and Second Life Project/Course Lead responsible for the implementation of Second Life virtual world technology at Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT), Memorial University.

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