Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title "Virtual world technology: Constructing and critiquing identities and difference"
Author(s): Marlene Brooks; Kate Bride
Moderator(s):MLani Montgomery
Date Friday, March 18 07:00
Location: South Auxiliary
Abstract This presentation focuses on an undergraduate Women’s Studies course that incorporates the virtual world of Second Life.  For one of the assignments, students are required to work with concepts integral to the construction of identity (i.e. race, gender, sexuality, etc) and to visually and photographically represent their complex understanding of 10 concepts (from a choice of 24). Presenters will provide descriptions of the course, assignment, student experience, virtual resources, and course instructor and instructional design reflections.
Bio(s): Marlene Brooks: Marlene Brooks is an Adult Educator, Senior Instructional Designer, and Second Life Project/Course Lead responsible for the implementation of Second Life virtual world technology at Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT), Memorial University.
Kate Bride: Dr. Kate Bride has developed online distance education courses in the area of Women's Studies. She completed her PhD. in the Faculty of Education.

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