Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title How to Create the Universal Immersive Teaching Toolkit
Author(s): Joel Foner
Date Saturday, March 19 09:00
Location: West Sandbox
Abstract In this session we will both discuss how to enable "the teacher next door" to be successful in immersive environments, and support the participants in taking action towards this goal.Worskhops following the facilitated discussion will guide the participants through a project planning and startup process that will set strategies and tactics so that the group can start the work of creating results.In addition to the specific goals of the session and workshops, the process provides an illustration of how to use virtual environments for project planning and project coordination.
Bio(s): Joel Foner: Joel Foner is a practicing technical project manager, problem solver and consultant with over 15 years experience. He leads teams and organizations to improve consistency, quality and timeliness, develops innovative approaches to enable adoption of high performance practices in the face of “we can't take the time to improve – we have to just get the job done” thinking and repeatedly delivers successful rescue of troubled projects in challenging circumstances. 

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