Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title Cost effective game based marketing teaching in immersive 3D virtual worlds: implementation to case study teaching in Second Life. A Design Science research
Author(s): Sabine Emad
Moderator(s):Edith Halderman
Date Saturday, March 19 08:00
Location: North 2
Abstract SmartWorld – Project Outline Our research uses a design science methodology to develop a method that enables an engaging game based implementation of marketing case teaching in the 3D Virtual World of Second Life. This research is still ongoing, but we have developed a first prototype of the method that we have implemented in a class of 20 students at a university in Switzerland. The participants were then asked to fill a questionnaire and to participate in a focus group aiming at understanding their perception of the test and identifying the opportunities for improvement. Results are very promising in terms of motivation and learning outcome and show that this method not only makes case preparation more fun and efficient but also sensitizes students on the added value of teamwork. Our presentation will explain the method and process and report on the results of the first test. We will also explain and answer questions as to how this method can be applied to other areas of teaching.   Additional information and logistics: There is no website reporting on this research yet, however, we will include lots of pictures taken during the test. We are also prepared to take the attendees on a visit of our island where they will be able to experiment the method themselves. However, this would be out of the scope of this presentation as it wouldn’t fit in the allocated 50 minutes. Regarding scheduling, we would prefer to present at a European friendly time. We are planning to give this presentation in English, however, if there is a French stream, we would be prepared to also present it in French.
Bio(s): Sabine Emad: Professor of MarketingProgram Director of Bachelor in International Management

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