Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title Virtual Worlds as Online Distance Learning
Author(s): Fred Fuchs
Date Thursday, March 17 16:00
Location: North 2
Abstract Often, virtual worlds are treated as if they are an educational tool separate from other forms of technology-mediated learning. In many ways they are – but in many ways they are a form of online distance learning similar to solutions provided by Moodle, Blackboard and others. The session will focus on integrating virtual worlds with these solutions, as well as a conceptual approach to using distance learning methodologies to the medium. This includes both ways in which the virtual world platform may enhance these approaches and situations in which we must overcome areas in which flat-web solutions may outperform. The presentation will include a panel, discussion/participatory brainstorming session and Q&A. FireSabre’s presenters have experience in the technical, creative and education fields from which to draw. At the conclusion of the session, attendees should have ideas on enhancing their own solutions and a perspective from which to consider virtual worlds as part of an integrated distance learning program.
Bio(s): Fred Fuchs: Fred Fuchs owns Firesabre Consulting which develops award-winning projects for real-world clients in the Second Life virtual world. Before starting Firesabre, Fred owned a business which provided IT support for those organizations without a permanent IT department. Fred worked for Hughes Training Inc., and created training simulations for the International Space Station. Before Hughes, he was part of Compaq's Graphics and Multimedia Group. Fred has designed computer input devices for those with severe carpal tunnel syndrome. His degree is in electrical engineering.

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