Track: Panel Presentations and Roundtables

Title What is 'education' in a virtual world? ScienceCircle Network experience
Author(s): Chantal Snoek; Phillip Youngblood; Augustin Martin; Hajime Nishimura; Joan Durso; Francesco Masulli; Stefano Rovetta; Sharon Hayes; Melissa Napolitano; Giuseppe Russo
Moderator(s):Edith Halderman
Date Saturday, March 19 05:00
Location: North 2
Abstract When 3D virtual environments are used well for teaching and learning, the strong interactive and immersive effects help students develop greater understanding of problem domains, better problem-solving skills, and faster transitions to higher-order thinking about issues and rationales to support their solutions. But what makes a virtual environment presentation/class/discussion attractive and interesting? How do teaching philosophies practiced in live classrooms and laboratories translate successfully into virtual teaching environments to insure these desired outcomes? Are inclusiveness/interaction and formality/legitimacy mutually exclusive?  Can solely-virtual institutions meet students’ credentialing goals? Our panelists addressing these questions are members of the Science Circle (SC), an international scientific and educational network connecting scientists across disciplines and institutions for teaching and learning in VWs.  Examples will be drawn from SC members’ course offerings in diverse fields including Archaeology, Astrophysics, BioInformatics, Earth Sciences, Epistemology, Principles of Health Behavior Change, Public Health Strategies for Physical Activity Promotion and Obesity, and Telecommunications. Attendees will gain and share new ideas for better virtual teaching and learning by participating in a lively conversation on inspirational teaching.   
Bio(s): Chantal Snoek:;  Founder and Director
Phillip Youngblood: Computer Information Systems Dept.; Chair
Augustin Martin:; IT Director
Hajime Nishimura: Data Research Center for Marine-Earth Sciences; Executive Assistant
Joan Durso: Associate Professor
Francesco Masulli: DISI; Associate Professor
Stefano Rovetta: DISI; Assistant Professor
Sharon Hayes: Center for Obesity Research and Education: Postdoctoral Fellow
Melissa Napolitano: Center for Obesity Research & Education; Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Public Health
Giuseppe Russo: Cancer Systems Biology and eHealth Programs; Director

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