Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title The Need For Research In Virtual Worlds At Universities.
Author(s): Michael Vallance
Date Saturday, March 19 04:00
Location: Central Auditorium

Note: This session was cancelled by the presenter

The meme of the physical ‘uni-versity’ is changing and moving swiftly, due mostly to virtual technological developments, towards the ‘multi-versity’ where the institute will exist in both the real world and the virtual space. The concern for researchers though is the need to produce metrics that provide evidence of learning in the augmented futures of the virtual institute. This paper will summarise the theoretical and technical progress of two years of research in the development of metrics for evidencing the processes of learning (witnessed as measurements of six cognitive processes and four knowledge dimensions) within virtual worlds.

Bio(s): Michael Vallance: Dr. Michael Vallance is a Professor at Future University Hakodate (FUN), Japan. He has a Doctorate in Education from Durham University and a Masters Degree in Computer Assisted Learning from Stirling University, UK. He has been involved in educational technology implementation and research for over ten years, working closely with schools, pre-service teachers and computer companies particularly in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. Michael is widely published in academic educational technology journals and computer magazines. His ‘My-Dream’ is to implement the Futures Studies Tool-Box in an interactive 3D virtual world. 

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