Track: Explorations of Virtual Worlds

Title Whistlestop jokaydiaGRID!
Author(s): jokay Wollongong
Date Thursday, March 17 16:00
Location: West Departure 2
Abstract Join us for a whistlestop tour and meet the residents who are creating jokaydiaGRID! Visit our residents and find out more about the various projects that they are building! After the tour we will meet for a fireside discussion focused on the joys and challenges of exploring opensim virtual worlds environments for education and the arts. jokaydiaGRID officially opened in March 2010 and has since grown to become a vibrant opensim virtual worlds environment that supports a community of more than 1000 registered users. For further info see:  
Bio(s): jokay Wollongong: Jokay Wollongong (aka Jo Kay) is the owner/facilitator of jokaydiaGRID and the Islands of jokaydia in Second Life. She has been working with educators and students in virtual worlds since 2005 and has experience in creating and facilitating both learning spaces and communities.  She has developed technology solutions and educational content for a range of organisations from K-20, and her current focus is on the educational uses of opensimulator. Jokay believes that learning should be playful, collaborative, inclusive, engaging, joyful, social and fun! 

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