Track: Explorations of Virtual Worlds

Title Set Sail on Seton Hall’s Pirate Adventure: A Tour of Pirate Island
Author(s): Danielle Mirliss; Wendiann Sethi; Mary Zedeck
Date Saturday, March 19 06:00
Location: West Departure 2
Abstract Pirate Island, Seton Hall’s private island in Second Life, is home to a unique range of interactive and educational settings.  Instead of replicating the camps, the goal of Pirate Island is to support a variety of learning experiences including, but not limited to: 1.      House of the Seven Gables –Literature Build 2.      Virtual Marsh – Ecology Case Study 3.      Classroom Management – Education Simulation In addition, the Island has a themed welcome center, building sandbox and Amphitheater.  Faculty and instructional design staff will be available to guide participants on their tour.   This presentation will is applicable to all educational sectors.   SLurl: WIKI:
Bio(s): Danielle Mirliss: Associate Director, Teaching, Learning and Technology Center at Seton Hall University
Wendiann Sethi: Director of Developmental Math at Seton Hall University and Second Life Consultant
Mary Zedeck: Instructional Designer, Teaching, Learning and Technology Center at Seton Hall University

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