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Title Dracy Word Games , a device oriented to enhance the language learning process at Virtual Worlds.
Author(s): Akemi Mochizuki
Date Friday, March 18 05:00
Location: South Workshops
Abstract The purpose of this demonstration is to show a tool created by Akemi Mochizuki (Draceina Pinion avatar) and called Dracy Word Games. The tool was designed to take advantage of the Virtual Worlds in order to achieve a specific purpose with ease, in this case, the achievement of skills involved in the learning process of a language. By this tool, teachers and students can play 2 games. One is Look for '***'. The other is Nervous Breakdown. Look for '***' is a simple game that users should look for a picture of the given word by voice and texts. Nervous Breakdown is based on a type of memory games which we play in the physical world. Users should remember where images were displayed, in order to make pairs. This device was conceived to help students in the learning process of English, being specially useful to let people improve vocabulary while they enjoy games in the Virtual Environment. Look for '***' is suitable for very basic learners of English. Nervous Breakdown is suitable for people whose levels of English are basic and who desire not only to improve it but also to keep it. Therefore, the range of vocabulary included in the tool has been thought to meet the demand of people who want to communicate in English and includes the following categories: birds, insects, mammals, buildings, tools, fruit, vegetable, furniture, hygiene, tableware, individual, move, sky, weather, colors, numbers and shape. The most remarkable feature is that when each image is shown to the users, the users can hear the correct pronunciation of the word. Therefore, the tool enables users not only to practice and learn vocabulary but also to enhance their speaking skills. 
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