Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title You Are Here, Even When You’re Not. Web 2.0 Tools to Support Teaching and Learning in Immersive Environments
Author(s): Rinda Conwell
Moderator(s):Edith Halderman
Date Saturday, March 19 13:00
Location: North 2
Abstract You can’t be online all the time that your students are online. Most projects in teaching and learning in immersive environments begin on a shoestring. You don’t have a lot of support from your school or institution. You need to find ways to support the work the students and participants will be doing. Just meeting in an immersive environment is not enough. You need other ways to share, collaborate, and create content together. If you are part of a K-12 or university system that utilizes a content or learning management system, you may already have some of the support tools you need to surround your students with synchronous and asynchronous methods of collaborating and communicating and producing content. But do those systems have all the tools you need? Could there be more options out there? This presentation will showcase tools for collaborating, sharing, creating content, managing your learners, and offering the most engaging synchronous and asynchronous support tools to your immersive experience.
Bio(s): Rinda Conwell: Assistant Superintendent

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