Track: Workshops and Tutorials

Title Conducting Empirical Research in Virtual Worlds
Author(s): Shailey Minocha
Date Friday, March 18 06:00
Location: South Auxiliary
Abstract In this tutorial, we will present a framework for conducting empirical research in virtual worlds, which is based on our experiences on three research projects in Second Life (2008-2011). During the tutorial-session, we will introduce the framework which consists of: a toolbox of techniques for data collection; guidance for planning and conducting the research process of data collection and analysis; tips regarding ethical approval; and pointers for dealing with challenges associated with recruitment, participant-consent and publishing the research. The tutorial is aimed for virtual world researchers but the content will be useful for educators, designers and e-learning researchers, in general. 
Bio(s): Shailey Minocha: Dr. Shailey Minocha is a Reader (Assistant Professor) in Computing in the Department of Computing at The Open University, UK. The focus of her research is to understand users' interactions with technology and investigating the factors that affect usability, user experience and user adoption of technology‐enabled systems. Her recent research projects have involved investigating the role of social software and 3D virtual worlds in STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, virtual team working, collaborative learning and community building. Shailey’s website has details of her activities Shailey’s publications are listed on:

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