Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title Teaching Disgrace Using Second Life
Author(s): Mindy Wong
Moderator(s):Cahona Baxton
Date Friday, March 18 05:00
Location: North 1
Abstract Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000240 EndHTML:0000007302 StartFragment:0000002824 EndFragment:0000007266 SourceURL:file://localhost/Volumes/NO%20NAME/TESSIEAMBER%20(F)/Second%20Life%20Project/VWBPE/VWBPE_Innova%20Junior%20College_2011.doc For this informal practice-based presentation, the English Literature unit from Innova Junior College (Singapore, grades 11-12) would like to share its Second Life role-playing lesson design, namely, the practices that worked and did not work so well in the college-preparatory literature classroom.  We hope that by sharing the insights we have gained from our foray into bringing the skills and knowledge required in literary analysis and virtual role-play, we could prompt more discussion on the use of Second Life in English literature classrooms.  At our last VWBPE presentation in 2010, we introduced our pedagogical rationale and our preliminary Second Life lesson design for the teaching of the Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee, which is a text assessed in a section of the A-Level Literature in English examination.  Since then, we have implemented and fine-tuned the two Second Life role-play sessions based on observations of the role-players in action and their feedback.   In line with the aims of the A-level English Literature syllabus, our virtual role-play sessions were designed with the objective of developing in students the ability to comment on how the historical and cultural backgrounds of the text inform the meaning of the text.  In each of the two one-hour sessions, students worked in small groups of two to three students to role-play a particular character.  The group manoeuvred the assigned avatar and interacted with the other three avatars in the scene.  The exercise also fosters listening with understanding and empathy, in line with the Habits of Mind framework developed by Arthur Costa.  Participants of our presentation session will be introduced to the rationale for our proposed project and the implementation stages.  However, having completed the lessons with a few classes, the focus this year would be on practical insights we have gained on the following aspects of incorporating Second Life role-play into the classroom: 1) Crafting role-play scenarios that would allow students to extend knowledge attained from traditional lessons and take intellectual risks; 2) Preparing students for virtual role-play; 3) Steering student discussion during the actual role-play; and 4) Transferring ideas that emerged during the role-play to traditional literary analysis essays.    The presentation will mainly take place through a slide presentation (to be submitted later).  
Bio(s): Mindy Wong: English Literature Unit, Innova Junior College

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