Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title Transfer of Physical Classroom Techniques to the Virtual Classroom During A Practice Supervision Course
Author(s): Marcus Birkenkrahe; Antje Gallo
Date Friday, March 18 08:00
Location: North 1
Abstract Since summer 2010, we teach a practice supervision course at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. The students were distributed across different countries with all sessions taking place in a virtual world, with additional support by a learning management system (Moodle) and blogging software (WordPress). In our research, which is part of a larger project focusing on improvement of further education in small and medium-sized enterprises, we wanted to find out to which extent advanced group activities can be transferred to the virtual realm. We find that not only can most group-based activities be transferred but that some complex techniques such as role playing, work even better in the virtual classroom than in the physical one.
Bio(s): Marcus Birkenkrahe: Department of Economics, professor of business informatics, head of e-learning. 
Antje Gallo: Graduate student

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