Track: Explorations of Virtual Worlds

Title Steampunkery and Lifelong Learning for Fun: A Guided Tour of Educational, Arts, and Cultural Sites in the Virtual Steampunk World of SL
Author(s): Stasia Weston
Date Thursday, March 17 21:00
Location: West Departure 2
Abstract This tour is a compilation of several of the educational tours hosted out of Caledon Oxbridge and Jaguarland. The focus is on the “Steamlands” of Second Life, including Caledon, New Babbage, Steeltopia, and Steelhead. Stops include themed libraries, museums, galleries, and tutorial areas. By being involved in such tours, adult learners in Second Life not only get a feeling of shared experience with other virtual tourists (thus forming a sense of community), but also see some of what is available in SL that offers educational value and experience, while still having a quirky and fun twist of “steampunkery.”
Bio(s): Stasia Weston: I'm currently working on a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Development at the University of South Alabama where I also work in the university's Online Learning Lab, providing training and workshops, teaching educators how to incorporate technology in their courses.

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