Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title Introducing Virtual Worlds: Teacher Education Considerations and Implications
Author(s): Cris Guenter
Moderator(s):Edith Halderman
Date Friday, March 18 15:00
Location: North 2
Abstract Virtual environments give student teachers and professors opportunities to interact with peers and educators worldwide, experience settings and viewpoints that may be different than their own, and engage in activities otherwise unattainable in the K-12 environment. Participants in this session will consider the planning, content experiences, and reflection steps by student teachers as part of a required teacher preparation course. A discussion on key considerations will anchor the summary. Virtual world connections to K-12 learning, a timeline for introducing Second Life to non-users, expected tasks conducted in Second Life, and the use of wikis for reflections will be shared.
Bio(s): Cris Guenter: Cris Guenter, EdD, full professor in the Dept. of Education at California State University, Chico specializes in teaching that focuses upon arts education, computer graphics and technology in education, an creativity across the curriculum. Her research interests include technology's intersection with the arts, the creative process, assessment and electronic portfolios, and effective online rural/distance education. She has served as a member of the MERLOT. Teacher Education Editorial Board for over a decade. Dr. Guenter was named the 2008 National Art Educator of the Year by the National Art Education Association.

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