Track: Games and Simulations

Title Transformational Learning with Playable Fictions
Author(s): Bronwyn Stuckey
Moderator(s):Ferris Arabello
Date Friday, March 18 15:00
Location: East 3/4 Teen Fair
Abstract Many people confuse virtual worlds and games or assume these terms/environments to be synonymous. This session will explore true instances of where virtual world community does support a strong game architecture through a series of playable fictions. This virtual world is Quest Atlantis More than simple simulations these playable fictions engage students in role play within a rich narrative framework. The students adopt a role, intentionally becoming part of the story to take on an authentic challenge. In completing the tasks students will investigate, research, explore, making choices and decisions which in their final game play will see the physical virtual world change as a consequence of their actions. The world and the learner are transformed through immersive engagement in these playable fictions.Educators and designers will benefit from this session as it leverages and draws together best of current research in play, community and learning. Transformational play and playable fictions are both concepts to be embodied in best practice virtual world learning design.
Bio(s): Bronwyn Stuckey: I am a consultant educational technologist and community of practice coach, developer and researcher. I consult to educational organisations and institutions such as the Indiana University's Quest Atlantis program, coach in a number of online educational programs and research issues of virtual worlds, games in learning and how we can cultivate identity, agency, leadership, and community for students and teachers in these environments.I have been engaged in teacher professional development and educational community development for over 10 years from my doctoral study of 12 successful online communities through to designing and facilitating communities of practice and coaching with Etienne Wenger in communities of practice workshops. I host Community Capers, a blog to share case stories of, and develop dialog about, communities of practice. Most recently my focus has been on teacher learning in formal and informal professional communities and networks. Part of that focus has been with the a mashup of tools to support teachers in the global Quest Atlantis virtual world program . I also support student community and participatory design of virtual world spaces for student leadership, mentoring and collaborations. Aside from research I am convenor of the global Quest Atlantis Teacher Community and leader of  the burgeoning Student Congress in the virtual world.

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