Track: Explorations of Virtual Worlds

Title Virtual Classroom: Developing professional dispositions in pre-service teachers
Author(s): Jami Cotler; Robin Voetterl; Mike Tanski; Ember Traino
Date Friday, March 18 19:00
Location: North 1
Abstract This is a descriptive study in which we explore the virtual design principles that are necessary to incorporate teacher education coursework into a virtual learning environment and analyze the affects of the virtual learning environment on pre-service teacher’s professional dispositions.¬†Specifically we¬†focused on how activities and assignments using virtual classrooms affect teacher candidates ability to communicate with students (enhancing their communicative competence) and levels of self-efficacy regarding working with students with differing abilities and from different cultural backgrounds.
Bio(s): Jami Cotler: Senior Lecturer, Computer Science
Robin Voetterl: Associate Professor Education
Mike Tanski: CS Student
Ember Traino: Education Student

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