Track: Theoretical and Research Presentations

Title Fragility of Spaces: Architectural and Design based Education and Practice
Author(s): Moira Hunter
Moderator(s):Edith Halderman
Date Friday, March 18 10:00
Location: West Auxiliary
Abstract A consortium of British, Danish, French and Slovenian universities has just begun its first action learning phase of ARCHI21, a two-year project as a part of the EU Education and Culture DG Lifelong Learning Programme.  Innovative approaches converge language learning, architecture and design, social media and 3D virtual worlds.   With a thematic focus on communication of  'respecting fragile places' , this project explores the areas of  a) content & language integrated learning in higher and vocational education sectors,  b) the inter-relationship between linguistic competence and design competence building in project-based learning and  c) the intercultural issues to be considered.
Bio(s): Moira Hunter:

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