Track: Machinima Presentation

Title Machinima Best Practices: Preserving Virtual Worlds Through Video Documentation
Author(s): Archivist Llewellyn
Date Thursday, March 17 17:00
Location: East 1/2 Machinima
Abstract In the past, libraries used pictures, videos, screencasts, Slideshares, Youtube videos for library instruction, information literacy training, promotion and marketing of library services, and more. Just about same time that “Avatar” became a theatrical blockbuster, libraries are also pursuing animation and machinima videos created in 3d virtual worlds. Online machinima tutorials can be used to facilitate information literacy for all age groups in a low-stress manner equivalent to animated entertainment. Machinima offers the ability to create films which implement the best of traditional film making and animation as well as take advantage of this new media format. Broadly speaking, machinima can be used to: educate through video tutorials using 3d animation, memorialize concerts, lectures, conferences, and special events held in Second Life, as well as creatively direct, film, and produce animated movies, short films, television shows/series, commercials, and music videos. Bohle will discuss the Machinima Best Practices guidelines she compiled in conjuction with assistance from the Second Life machinima community for the creation, distribution, and long term storage of machinima video. Highlighted videos will include her machinima video shown at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden,¬†Life 2.0¬†which was filmed in Second Life and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010, a Second Life music video machinima by a Grammy Award winning artist, an archival instructional machinima created by Stanford University Libraries, and several others. Technical specifications, including hardware, software, as well as “tips and tricks” to achieve the highest, archival quality machinima videos will be explained.
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