Track: Tools and Products

Title Two products: QuickGo Greeter and SSiVo Slide Show Recorder
Author(s): August Chrome
Date Friday, March 18 09:00
Location: South Workshops
Abstract As educator and admin of university campuses in Second Life, identified the need for two kinds of products that can be a big improvement for my work. I have experience as a vendor so I developed those two products myself and chose the VWBPE event as the best place to do my official launch. 1) QuickGo Greeter: Gives visitors at your campus, store or building a way to reach the point of their choice in less than 5 seconds after arriving, regardless of lag on server or client side, by using either SLURL lists or an dialog option box. 2) SSiVo Slide Show Recorder System: Based on screen and hud components, allows attendants to an inworld slide show presentation to "record" the slides and go back to previous ones at will. Also lets attendants who arrived late to see the first slides, and in all cases let attendants to keep a copy for themselves after the presentation.
Bio(s): August Chrome: "Evangelist" of the educational use of virtual worlds. Currently managing virtual worlds presence for:Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas – UPCPontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – PUCPUniversidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos - UNMSM 

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