Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title Teaching Mathematics in Virtual Worlds: Experiences Teaching a Class in Second Life
Author(s): M Holmes
Date Thursday, March 17 16:00
Location: East 1/2 Machinima
Abstract In Spring 2010 the author taught a class titled Teaching Mathematics in Virtual Worlds for the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University. This was an elementary math methods teaching course taught in synchronous sessions in SL with an asynchronous component delivered via Moodle. An account of an initial segment of experiences in this course was delivered as part of the author's presentation at VWBPE 2010; at that time the course was still in progress. The author intends to present an outline of what was taught and what students did in this class, and of the author's impressions of how the course might be delivered if it were taught again and of general impressions gained from the course about teaching, and teaching mathematics in particular, in virtual worlds. Attendees should expect to hear an instructor discuss their experience teaching in SL and have an opportunity to ask questions about what they hear.
Bio(s): M Holmes: Associate Professor, Math Department, Boise State University

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