Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title A Work of Fiction Comes to (Second) Life: Creative Amplification?
Author(s): Dana Paxson
Date Saturday, March 19 11:00
Location: West Auxiliary
Abstract The development of a new mode of writing fiction, called by the author the “electronic literary macramé”, motivates a broad range of connections to virtual settings that amplify and enrich the reader’s encounter with the written work.  While developing different presentations of the fiction in Second Life, the author found that the virtual world began to react upon the written work itself, reshaping it and extending it with new content and associations, visual, textual, and programmed.  The results, presented via a tour of the features of a model setting taken from the fictional work, demonstrate the potential for creative collisions among the proliferating new media, and suggest that the same kinds of synergies amplify instructional and learning materials as well.
Bio(s): Dana Paxson: Freelance published professional writer, artist, patent clerk, mathematician, inventor, with three patents in electronic publishing.  Lifelong career in software and systems engineering.

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