Track: Games and Simulations

Title Designing Simulations and Games: Design Tips and Tricks
Author(s): Cynthia Calongne
Moderator(s):Edith Halderman
Date Friday, March 18 09:00
Location: North 1
Abstract Do you want to create a virtual world simulation or a game that is engaging and makes learning a memorable experience? Are you a World of Warcraft fan, a virtual world instructional designer, an enthusiastic educator or a visionary and pioneer? This session weaves demonstration with interactive design to offer tips and tricks for creating games and simulations. The focus is on the fast development of engaging simulations that minimize rework and support learning. The topics include defining a conceptual model, transforming your learning objectives into activities, designing the simulation via modeling, texturing, scripting, animating behaviors, linking the objects and planning for assessment.
Bio(s): Cynthia Calongne: Dr. Calongne is Professor and Chair of Emerging Media in the Doctor of Computer Science and Doctor of Management degree programs at Colorado Technical University. Her team won the 2011 Grand Prize in the Federal Virtual World Challenge for the Mars Expedition Strategy Challenge, a space simulation in Second Life. Her 14 years as an educator include five years of virtual world classes and a mentorship with Ramapo's middle school in Second Life. Immersive virtual environments and the exploration of user interfaces that do not require training, help or manuals were the focus of her doctoral research.

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