Track: Workshops and Tutorials

Title Conflict Transformation in Organizations
Author(s): Laurel Ley
Date Friday, March 18 14:00
Location: South Workshops
Abstract Is your way of handling conflict like Howard Stern, Oprah Winfrey; or do you avoid conflict, possibly at all costs.  Regardless of the world you are operating from, conflict is a natural part of every-day life and also part of every organization. “Conflict is normal in human relationships, and conflict is a motor of change.  Transformation provides a clear and important vision because it brings into focus the horizon toward which we journey – the building of healthy relationships and communities, locally and globally.  The goal requires real change in our current ways of relating.”  (source:  John Paul Lederach, “The Little Book of Conflict Transformation”)By reconsidering the way we think of conflict and learning new ways of communicating and relating, we can build stronger relationships with our allies as well as those we inspire to a different way of thinking and feeling about animals. Not only do we feel and work better with easier relationships but the real “winners” are the individuals who will have fuller richer lives and be more productive.
Bio(s): Laurel Ley: I am not currently an educator at either university but rather I am an active "more mature" graduate student at each.   I am pursuing a Master of Art in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga, having already completed a Graduate level Certificate in Servant Leadership.  At UNF, I am pursuing a separate Graduate level Certificate in Transformation of Conflict.  Additionally, I am participating in a yearlong Immersion Program in NVC (Nonviolent Communication) Mediation --, I am a strategic consultant having spent most of the 80s working with Leo Burnett Advertising in Chicago working on two of the top five brands in the world.  My longer bio can be found here -- I am new to Second Life but have quickly immersed myself and through some excellent mentoring, I have adapted quickly.Through a quirk of fate, as part of my Masters from Gonzaga and to address the school's need for more information. I am designing and the conducting research on "The benefits and constraints of using Second Life as a medium for graduate education."Thank you for your consideration.Best regards,Laurel Ley aka KendallQ 

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