Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title Featured Speaker
Maria Korolov: Our HyperGrid Future
Author(s): Maria Korolov
Moderator(s):Phelan Corrimal
Date Friday, March 18 08:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract What is the hypergrid, and how can you get on it?
Bio(s): Maria Korolov: Maria Korolov (formerly Maria Trombly) is editor of Hypergrid Business, and founder and president of Trombly International. Maria Korolov was based in Shanghai, China from early 2004 through late 2008. She is now based in Western Massachusetts. She has also reported from Russia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and many other countries. She's been a journalist for over twenty years.

Organization Info:

Trombly International is a Massachusetts-based company which runs emerging markets news bureaus for US business and trade publications. Clients include CIO magazine, Computerworld, Securities Industry News, CardLine Global, Waters, and dozens of other publications. Trombly International also runs the China Speakers Bureau, which provides China experts to events around the world.


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