Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title Featured Speaker: Dennis Beck
Influence of avatar choice on expectations, perceptions, and evaluations
Author(s): Dennis Beck
Moderator(s):Sheila Yoshikawa
Date Friday, March 18 10:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract Much has been written about the influence of MUVE's on identity. For example, Sherry Turkle has written in-depth about the use of MUVE’s for what she calls, "identity play". But the other side of the identity coin is the perceptions of others. In the physical world, how we perceive others has a great influence on their self-efficacy and achievement (i.e. factors that influence identity). But how does that translate to a MUVE? What opportunities and pitfalls do these perceptions create for those who frequent MUVEs? This talk will explore these issues in the context of education, as we discuss the influence of teacher and student avatar choice on the perceptions, expectations, and evaluations of others.


Bio(s): Dennis Beck: Dennis Beck is a clinical assistant professor of Educational Technology at the University of Arkansas. His research explores different methodological approaches used in desktop virtual world environments, as well as the issues of avatar choice on expectations, perceptions, and evaluations. He is currently working on a study measuring the influence of teacher avatar gender and ethnicity on student evaluations and perceptions.

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