Track: Teen Fair

Title Featured Speaker
Gord Holden
Author(s): Gord Holden
Moderator(s):Kavon Zenovka, Rurik Bellingshausen, & Abacus Capalini
Date Friday, March 18 13:00
Location: East 3/4 Teen Fair
Abstract Teen Fair: Wanting To Take Advantage of Immersive Technology? – A Dozen Guidelines to Consider - how to facilitate a safe and productive journey into the use of virtual worlds and immersive technology in education
Bio(s): Gord Holden: SL: Golden Greymoon

Gord’s been utilizing educational technology for 30 years. His latest teaching assignment is at NIDES in Canada where he mentors students from grade 4 to grade 8. His experience in offering his students a virtual education offers some insights into what to watch out for in order to ensure a successful program

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