Track: Machinima Presentation

Title Featured Speakers: Sonicity Fitzroy and Lowe Runo
The Fantastic and The Furious: Capturing Moments Through Machinima
Author(s): Dr. Phylis Johnson; Lowe Runo
Moderator(s):Xilin Yifu
Date Friday, March 18 14:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract This presentation is designed to show educators and others the potential of making machinima that moves beyond the mundane to a new level of storytelling that will captivate audiences, especially students. What is it that makes a good story, and how can that be expressed through machinima?

The authors borrow examples from their forthcoming book grounded in numerous interviews from the machinima community, as well as filmmaking research and experience, to reveal the fantastic and furious nuances of this expressive medium that borrows from animation, cinema and television, but has emerged with its own character. This presentation also shares an overview of the state of the machinima practice in virtual worlds.

The Professional Machinima Artist Guild and The Second Machinima Artist Guild serve as member showcases and archival and learning resources to the machinima community and its supporters.


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Bio(s): Dr. Phylis Johnson: SL: Sonicity Fitzroy

Dr. Phylis Johnson (Sonicity Fitzroy, SL), has more than 20 years ofprofessional media experience. She is author of 3 books, including Second Life, Media & The Other Society and an upcoming 4th on machinima. She maintains a blog for the Professional Machinima Artist Guild calledMagnum: The Machinima Review, and is the machinima reviews editor for the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds.

Lowe Runo: Lowe Runo is a professional photographer and filmmaker with more than 25 years of experience. He is founder of Lowe Runo Productions, LLC. Runo and Johnson have authored a forthcoming book on Machinima:

Aesthetics and Practice (working title, McFarland, 2011). Contact: Lowe Runo Productions, LLC., Tampa, FL, USA.

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