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Title Featured Tour
Intro to World of Warcraft tour
Author(s): Abacus Capalini
Date Saturday, March 19 14:00
Location: West Departure 2
Abstract "Beginner Tour of World of Warcraft” - the Sisters of Elune Alliance tour sponsored by Global Goblin Gathering a subsidary of Jokaydia, Center4Edupunx and endorsed by the guilds Socially Inimacable (Worgen) and Inevitable Betrayal (Horde).

Registration for the tours are required please email .

Participants will be emailed with login and server information. This tour does require you to register for a free account and download an application that can take 2 hours or longer depending on the computer. You will also need to download Ventrilo at For more information on the vwbpe tour please email

For more information on the projects please go to:

WoW in School wiki

Edurealms blog on World of Warcraft in schools

Global Goblin Gathering

Also come visit the World of Teachcraft poster session at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference. #17

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