Track: Panel Presentations and Roundtables

Title …from Here to Where? A Roundtable Discussion with Pathfinder, Dave Levinson, David Gibson, and Kevin Feenan on the Future of Virtual World Education and Training
Author(s): Dave Levinson; David Gibson; John "Patherfinder" Lester; Kevin Feenan; Douglas Jerolimov
Moderator(s):Phelan Corrimal
Date Friday, March 18 06:00
Location: Central Auditorium
Abstract Virtual world educators are making and exploring new settings for teaching and learning. The sources of innovation are diverse: educational institutions, commercial developers, and game developers. What might we expect to see in future virtual world environments for education and training? What kinds of tools will we use? How will the interfaces and interactions change? What kinds of collaboration can we expect among commercial entities and educational institutions? Kevin Feenan will moderate a panel discussion of distinguished experts. Arranged by Douglas Jerolimov.
Bio(s): Dave Levinson: Cranial Tap, Inc. - President and CEO

Dave is a veteran online entertainment and video game professional with twenty years experience producing products with Sega of Japan, Time Warner Cable, Lockheed Martin, America Online, Intel and General Electric. He is responsible for the launch of nearly one hundred consumer products.

Dave is an author, artist, inventor and entrepreneur. He claims six filed patents related to virtual world field and invented the successful AOL SuperBuddy characters used by millions.

He formed Cranial Tap, Inc. in October of 2006 with a focus on learning and training. Today the firm supports large public firms and universities around the world.

David Gibson: David Gibson is Associate Research Professor of Education at Arizona State University and directs the Continuous Improvement efforts of the Equity Alliance ( Dr. Gibson’s research and publications include work on complex systems, modeling of educational processes, the future of learning, using technology to personalize education, and the potential for games and simulation-based learning. He is creator of simSchool (, a classroom flight simulator for training teachers, and the eFolio ( online performance assessment system. His business, CURVESHIFT ( is an educational technology company that assists in the acquisition, implementation and continuing design of games and simulations, e-portfolio systems, data-driven decision making tools, and emerging technologies.
John "Patherfinder" Lester: SL: Pathfinder Lester

John Lester is an expert and strategist in the use of virtual worlds and social media to support educational online communities. He is currently the Director of Community Development at ReactionGrid, a 3D world development company focused on the educational and business use of virtual worlds for collaborative work and team training.

John has worked on the development of online communities and virtual worlds since 1995, when he first pioneered the use of online communities and virtual worlds for medical education and patient support at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. From 2005-2010 he worked at Linden Lab, where he was known as Pathfinder Linden. During his tenure at Linden Lab, he led the development of the education and healthcare markets while evangelizing the use of virtual worlds in academia, training and immersive simulations.

With a background in neuroscience research, John focuses on the how to best design and use technological tools that augment the human mind. He frequently works with organizations on strategic planning to promote knowledge sharing and new models for creative learning.

John is known as “Pathfinder Lester” on Second Life and many different Opensim grids. His personal blog is, and his email is

Kevin Feenan: SL: Phelan Corrimal
Kevin Feenan is President of Rockcliffe University Consortium, an online non-profit organization dedicated to the development of knowledge emergence, organizational design, and leadership and technical studies based on virtual collaborative environments. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s International EMBA program, Kevin’s 21-year IM/IT career has included management consulting, project management, business analysis, and software development for a variety of companies including the Government of Canada, Bell Canada, EDS, and Xerox. In addition, Kevin is ABD with the University of Phoenix having studied Organizational Design and Leadership with specific focus on disruptive innovations.
Douglas Jerolimov: Douglas Jerolimov’s professional training spans mechanical engineering and the humanities. He earned a mechanical engineering from the University of California at Berkeley, worked as a mechanical engineer and project engineer for a number of years. A personal interest in history led to graduate training and a doctorate in the field of History of Technology from the University of Delaware’s Hagley Program in the History of Industrialization (2007). Since 2006 he has held an appointment as General Faculty at the University of Virginia’s Department of Science, Technology, & Society.

Jerolimov developed an interest in learning technologies by way of his research into the ways in which historical actors have used technologies to remake ‘place,’ its social interactions and experience. His research interests concern the spatial and architectural dimensions of industrialization, mainly the technological environments of travel, but also including those of virtual world educational environments.

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