Track: Machinima Presentation

Title Heroic Assumptions: Choosing and Using MMORPGs in Your Classroom
Author(s): Kae Novak; Rurik Nackerud
Moderator(s):Ferris Arabello
Date Saturday, March 19 12:00
Location: East 1/2 Machinima
Abstract What classes do you teach? Could they be enhanced by using a MMORPG? Can you see the pedagogical value of using World of Warcraft in your classroom? What about War Hammer, Rift or even Club Penguin? This discussion will focus on using MMORPGs (Multi-Player Online Role-playing Games) for more than edutainment. All are welcome to join - educators already using, those investigating, and of course, educators who are merely curious about MMORPGs in the classroom.
Bio(s): Kae Novak: SL:Kavon Zenovka

Kae Novak is an instructional designer for an online learning department at a community college. Her applied and research interests are games, immersion, role-play, virtual environments and machinima. She finds games and social network knowledge particularly intriguing because of the amount of learning that is happening outside of formal learning environments. She believes that ignoring learning happening in non-traditional format limits our students and our instructors' futures. (And she is a bit intense about education - she says "pedagogy" alot.)

Kae plays around in virtual worlds (Second Life, WoW, Rift and Jokaygrid) with a group of other educators at and Rockcliffe Consortium. On Jokaydiagrid look for the sim that reminds people of Durotar. In the twitterverse look for @kzenovka

Rurik Nackerud: SL: Rurik Bellingshausen

Rurik Nackerud has worked in education for the last ten years as an interpreter, experiential educator, and instructor at the community college level. His course designs implement best teaching practices as well as a wide array for 21st century tools intended to create a blended learning environment for students. Rurik develops classroom community, both in person and through the use of virtual worlds, social media, and augmented reality exercises. He also contributes to the educational community by presenting at conferences and symposia around the nation and world via online and virtual world conferences. In the next few months he will be moving to the Portland, Oregon area after graduating with his master's degree. He is looking for a secondary position teaching science and/or language arts where he can continue to research innovative ways of integrating technology into the curriculum.

Rurik writes online at

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