Track: Content Based and Informal Presentations

Title Lego Universe...Saving the Universe
Author(s): Marianne Malmstrom
Moderator(s):Rurik Bellingshausen
Date Saturday, March 19 06:00
Location: West Auxiliary
Abstract Third and fourth graders are engaged in an epic adventure to “Save the Universe” by playing LEGO Universe in an after school program. This MMOG, designed for ages 10+, combines quest gaming with the ability to build and animate content. Come learn more about this exciting new game and explore
Bio(s): Marianne Malmstrom: SL: Knowclue Kidd

Marianne Malmstrom has 30 years experience as a classroom teacher and administrator. Fascinated by emerging technology, she believes that we must critically select and pair promising technology with sound pedagogy if we are to keep education relevant. As an early adopter of virtual worlds and machinima, she has been working with elementary and middle school students to explore and construct effective learning environments using these new tools.

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