Track: Explorations of Virtual Worlds

Title Virtual World Tour
Sococo Tour
Author(s): Bill Krebs
Date Friday, March 18 15:00
Location: West Departure 1
Abstract Participants should ensure that they have already installed the software and created an account prior to embarking on this tour.


Sococo is a new communication service that brings people together in an immersive, shared experience. Sococo allows you to communicate naturally, as if you were face-to-face. All Sococo services are delivered through our patented realtime communication platform. Developers can create new services that allow users to share an experience together in realtime or can integrate new communication capabilities into their existing services. Whether in an office building, a personal hangout, or playing a game, Sococo enables users to come together live with the people that matter to them.

Bio(s): Bill Krebs: SL: AgileBill Firehawk

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