Track: Explorations of Virtual Worlds

Title 3rd Rock Grid
Author(s): Lazul Pooraka
Date Saturday, March 19 14:00
Location: West Departure 1
Abstract To access 3RG for the tour simply use your browser and go to
Select either the join button on the right or click login on the menu selection bar
You will see the Login/Register screen, select “Register for an Account”
Enter in an Avatar First and Last name
Select Dick or Jane Template as your starting avatar
Enter an VALID email (you will be receiving an activation email)
Enter and verify password
Go to your Email and click the activation link to make your account active for your viewer

Use many of your current viewers to access 3rdrockgrid (We recommend Imprudence). If 3rdrockgrid is not listed as a selection in your grid manager you can either

Download the Imprudence from the 3RG website at

Click the Grid Manager button, make sure it shows 3rdrockgrid and select the “Get Grid Info” button.

Or use the add grid tab and put in the following login URI
then select the "Get Grid Info" button.
Select “OK”
Fill in the “First Name”, “Last Name” and “Password” of the avatar you created.
Log In!

Bio(s): Lazul Pooraka:

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