Track: Workshops and Tutorials

Title The Steampunk Junkpile Sandox
Author(s): Blu Heron
Date Friday, March 18 18:00
Location: West Sandbox
Abstract Join Blu Heron at the Steam Punk Junkyard for creative building projects of your choice. There's a project for every building skill level - beginning to advanced - simple wind up key to a scripted robot. All supplies and detailed note card instructions are provided.

Steampunk Junkyard Sandbox is open 24/7. Build solo, or bring your friends and collaborate on creative building. Pick some rusted relics of the Victorian steam-powered industrial era. Add textures to polish them up and repurpose them for a 21st century builds. Boxed tutorials used for the workshops are always available. Lots of additional pre-made prims, textures, sounds, and scripts.

Beginning building skills projects: 1- prim copper dance ball and 3-prim wind-up key.

Intermediate skills project: Steampunk your laptop, or re-texture a hot air balloon

Advanced skills project: Steam powered robot.

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SL: Blu Heron

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