Track: Explorations of Virtual Worlds

Title Virtual World Tour
Author(s): Bill Krebs
Date Friday, March 18 09:00
Location: West Departure 1
Abstract Participants should ensure that they have already installed the software and created an account prior to embarking on this tour.


SpotON3D® Web System is a life-like virtual environment that allows its users to interact is a way that is very similar to how they relate to one another in real life - so much so that many see these new social web spaces as an extension of their real lives. They are designed as social, education and business incubators, spawning interlinked grids in an organic fashion. Ever rock, building and scene is owned and developed through the collaboration of its the residents, SpotON3D and/or its Private Label Grid owner.

Bio(s): Bill Krebs: SL: AgileBill Firehawk

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