World of Warcraft In the Classroom

Sessions at Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2011

Friday, March 18th

6 am SLT - A World of Warcraft Virtual Field Trip With The WoWinSchool Project.

The Virtual Worlds Exploration stream of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education invites you to a World of Warcraft event on the Sisters of Elune realm, United States server.

Your host is Lucas Gillispie and these are your tour guides.

This 50 minute tour starting at 6 am SLT on Friday March 18 is for educators who are new to WoW. Participants will receive tours with experienced WoW players - and did we mention students! Topics to be covered Quests, Character Improvement, Gaining Experience, Maps and Communication.

West Departure Area 2 West 2

5 pm SLT - Learning about Community in Virtual Worlds

John Carter McKnight, Elisabeth Hayes

In this session, we describe an interdisciplinary university course that introduces students to community and governance in two virtual worlds., Second Life and World of Warcraft. We will focus in particular on the collective class project, the formation of a class "guild," and how the combination of face-to-face meetings, along with guided and self-directed experiences in both worlds, affected the students' engagement and learning. Participants will take away a course syllabus and insight into strategies and challenges associated with immersing students in virtual community-building. The session will be relevant to postsecondary educators in varied institutional settings.

Central Auditorium Central 1

Saturday, March 19th

7 am SLT - When Learning is WOW Using World of Warcraft and other MMOs with Students

Diane Lewis

At Sanford Middle School in Seminole County, Florida, at-risk students have been using World of Warcraft as part of an after school program to learn leadership, communication, collaboration, teamwork, language arts and mathematics. The success has been so remarkable that it and other MMO’s are being examined for inclusion in the regular curriculum. We will share our structure, successes, lessons learned and plans for expansion both as an after school program and as part of the curriculum.

Teen Fair (East 2) East 3/4 

11 am SLT - The Perky Pug: Engineering Play With Strangers in World of Warcraft

John Carter McKnight

World of Warcraft is typically played “alone together:” players solo game content while chatting with friends in voice or text. However, from the beginning MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) have been built around the assumption that playing together, particularly playing with strangers, is inherently good. Game designers have evolved rules, penalties and incentives to push players together, whether they want to group or not. The ‘pick up group’ or PUG, is a product of social engineering, with its designers attempting to teach vital social, civic and political skills in the game space. This talk will examine designers’ motives for countering demands for solo play, the player experience of encouraged sociability, and trends in the engineering of social play.

Central Auditorium Central 1

Noon SLT - MMORPGs - Choosing and Using in Your Classroom

Kae Novak/Kavon Zenovka, Rurik Nackerud/Rurik Bellingshausen

This session will focus on using MMORPGs (Multi-Player Online Role-playing Games) in your classroom. This discussion targets educators already using, investigating, and of course, educators who are merely curious about, MMORPGs in the classroom. Expect discussions of World of Warcraft, War Hammer, Lego Universe and Rift among others.

West Auxillary Theatre West 4

2 pm SLT - Beginner Tour of World of Warcraft

The Virtual Worlds Exploration stream of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education invites you to a World of Warcraft event on the Sisters of Elune realm, United States server.

 the Sisters of Elune Alliance tour sponsored by Global Goblin Gathering a subsidary of Jokaydia, Center4Edupunx and endorsed by the guilds Socially Inimacable (Worgen) and Inevitable Betrayal (Horde).

West Departure Area 2 West 2

Registration for the tours are required please email

Participants will be emailed with login and server information. This tour does require you to register for a free account and download an application that can take 2 hours or longer depending on the computer. You will also need to download Ventrilo at For more information on the vwbpe tour please email

For more information on the projects please go to:

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Also come visit the World of Teachcraft poster session at the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference. #17